Be the bright spot wherever you go.

A book.
A movement.
A way to be
your best self.

A book.
A movement.
A way to be
your best self.

It all started with an idea. That idea became a book. And now, with your help, that idea is becoming a movement. And it’s so simple: Do the thing you know is right. Then do that again. And if you don’t? Don’t beat yourself up. Do it right the next time. It takes practice and it takes patience, but anyone can do it.

Harry Cohen, PhD

Noted psychologist, author of Be the Sun, Not the Salt, transformational speaker, and executive coach.
What if being kind, or more precisely, being the best version of yourself, made you happier? What if rooting out the negative – the salt – brought more joy to your life and those around you? Dr. Cohen believes it can – and his words are backed by science. While this philosophy is for everyone aged 8 to 80, Dr. Cohen is also an expert in helping transform organizations by improving culture and nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

Connie Fontaine

Executive Director
When I first heard Harry share his idea for a book, Be the Sun, Not the Salt, I told him the message should be on t-shirts all over the world! The message is so simple, yet profound—one I believe will spread far and wide. Making the moment to moment decision to be my best self is a practice I work at and encourage others to do as well. It's life changing. I am the self-appointed Chief Spreader of this message and am proud to fan the flames of a movement encouraging people of all ages to Be the Sun, Not the Salt.

Navigate by the Sun

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It's not about becoming someone you're not.

The world is bursting with highly-structured, complicated apps promising to "transform your life." They want your data, your time, and most importantly your attention.

It’s about being who you already are.

Improving your life shouldn't be a burden. That's what makes Be the Sun, Not the Salt so different. It's a daily practice that can help you navigate life's saltier moments while encouraging you to do more of the good things you already do.

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