Accomplishing Virtues on a Daily Basis


• Be Kind

• Show Gratitude

• Say You Are Sorry When You Make a Mistake

• Smile and Say Good Morning

• Listen When Someone is Speaking

• Treat Others With Respect and Dignity

Many of us have been taught these important lessons since we were
children in order to live a good life, and sure… they sound easy!
However, Dr. Harry Cohen says applying these virtues and others to one’s
life can be hard. It takes purpose, focus, discipline, and ongoing
determination to accomplish these virtues on a daily basis. The good
news is, the more you implement this way of life, the easier it gets.


Be The Sun…


WHAT – The more you make an effort, the more sun you shine on yourself, and equally as important on the people you interact with.

HOW – Train your
mind to not dwell on mistakes, instead focus on the positive and DO MORE
OF THAT! There are infinite ways you can be your BEST self today and
here are a few of them:


• Hold the door

• Smile

• Greet people positively

• Smile and Say Good Morning

• Listen When Someone is Speaking

• MEAN what you say and don’t say it MEAN


Pay attention to when you are at your best and being a good person, and then DO MORE OF THAT!

WHY – Being the Sun, Not the Salt can have a profound impact on your own well-being and the people in your life.


…Not The Salt


WHAT – People are naturally drawn to those who are uplifting to them.


HOW – It starts with
your own well-being; be kind to yourself and stop the negative
self-talk. Being the Sun for yourself can be as simple as:


• Eating well

• Sleeping well

• Exercising

• Respecting yourself

• Honoring yourself



WHY – Leadership
starts with authenticity and vulnerability. When you uplift people who
want to work with you, they would be willing to go through brick walls
for you.


Heliotropic Highlight


Did you catch Automotive News’ podcast featuring an interview with Harry
last month? Click below to tune in and hear first-hand from Harry
regarding how the Heliotropic Effect can make a big difference for
business leaders.

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