Be the Sun, Not the Salt Podcast

Hear from automotive industry leaders about the power of Be the Sun, Not the Salt in their lives and in their businesses.

Mindy Holman, Chair of Holman, leads a century-old automotive company with a global impact. Dive into her embodiment of ‘Be the Sun, Not the Salt’ principles in ‘Be on the Look Out,’ and hear how she inspires a better world, and us!

Marion Harris, a heliotropic leader and CEO of Ford Motor Credit, shares corporate success tips. Learn from his experiences on becoming a better leader in ‘If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Not Doing It Right.’

Kevin Shaughnessy embodies everything it means to be a heliotropic leader, making him the perfect first guest! We’ve lovingly nicknamed this episode “The Bagel and Schmear” – listen to find out why!

Be the Sun, Not
the Salt Podcast.

We are so inspired by Mindy and other automotive business leaders. Listen to how they’ve embraced the heliotropic effect and hear the difference it’s made in growing their businesses and improving their lives.

See how Mindy Holman, Chair at Holman, has built a thriving people-first culture that benefits from the principles of Be the Sun, Not the Salt.

See how this simple book can Help You Be More Successful

Be the Sun, Not the Salt, guides us towards a heliotropic mindset. Applying the science of the sun to everyday behaviors and interactions, these simple principles draw people towards us. They create a culture where people feel motivated and supported—where they want to work with us and for us—making customers happy, improving workplace culture, and increasing profitability.


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What is the
heliotropic effect

The heliotropic effect is the tendency for all living systems to be drawn to energy which sustains life, which is why a plant tilts towards the sun. Research shows that when people and leaders are heliotropic people want to work around you. They want to work for you. Customer satisfaction in the organization goes way up, employee engagement goes way up, and people are more productive. Be the Sun, Not the Salt is about the power of being heliotropic. Understanding what we do every day impacts people in ways we don’t even realize.

Speaking Engagements

Harry has been helping organizations of all sizes find their sun. He has worked with companies like Holman, Deloitte, and Ford, introducing this simple, science-backed methodology. And now Dr. Cohen is available to share this wisdom with you and your team.

There is a huge difference between knowing and doing. I challenge you to do. His wisdom has made me a better leader and a better person.

— Melinda (Mindy) K. Holman
Chair at Holman

Be the Sun, Not the Salt: for you and your organization

Positive change can start with any one of us. Why not let it be you? Return to this book time and again as a simple reminder to be your best self. Consider getting copies for your entire team!

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