Be the Sun, Not the Salt [Dr. Harry D. Cohen] on

As we welcome in the New Year, our team is busy with goal setting and self-assessments, both personally and for our Be The Sun mission. Please join us as part of this movement by reflecting on how you can add more sun, and less salt in your everyday life. And just in time, we’re excited to announce that Dr. Harry D. Cohen’s new book, Be the Sun, Not the Salt, is now available on Amazon. Please consider purchasing a book for yourself or a friend to learn how to put this philosophy into practice. We are also accepting requests for bulk orders at “” or by direct messaging us on LinkedIn.

What does “being the sun” mean, you may ask? In this book, you will learn it is the heliotropic effect put into practice. And what is the heliotropic effect? It is the tendency of living organisms to turn toward the sun, relating to human nature. In your attitude and actions, are you like the sun on the leaves of a plant, providing nourishment, encouraging growth and drawing people toward you? Or are you like salt on a plant’s roots, causing others to wither and be less than they can be? Most of us can be a bit of both! Be the Sun, Not the Salt identifies important positive and negative behaviors that affect not just your own well-being, but that of those around you. Being aware of these behaviors allows you to more purposefully put the philosophy into practice, improving everyday relationships and encounters.

While you’re shopping you can also pick up a Be the Sun ceramic coffee mug too! Be on the lookout for additional Be The Sun products launching soon as well.

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