Be the Sun, Not the Salt

Today, the first day of summer, we plant seeds for a movement. A movement that encourages people to Be the Sun, Not the Salt. A movement inspired by executive coach, Dr. Harry Cohen who after years of coaching and encouraging people to do and be their best, is hopeful to spread this practice to as many people as possible. We give you Be the Sun, Not the Salt!

Be the Sun, Not the Salt is dedicated to connecting people through the deliberate practice of heliotropic behaviors. Found in nature, the heliotropic effect is the tendency for all living things to be drawn to the energy which sustains life. From single cell organisms to plants, to human beings. It’s why a plant placed on a window sill tilts toward the sun. Like plants, people are drawn to those who energize them. Some people are like the sun on our leaves….and others are like salt water poured on our roots! One sustains us, the other stresses us out! Be the Sun, Not the Salt hopes to encourage positive behaviors rooted in authenticity, dependability, kindness and so much more.

Being heliotropic leads to greater success and fulfillment, and allows us to connect with people more effectively. It is that simple, and yet that profound. Be the Sun, Not the Salt is all about the moment to moment choices. We must continuously and intentionally choose to Be the Sun, Not the Salt, and leave those around us with an afterglow, not an aftertaste.

To learn more about Be the Sun, Not the Salt, Dr. Harry Cohen, or how to be more heliotropic, click here.