Increase sales.
Improve relationships.
Drive loyalty.

This simple book can help you harness the heliotropic effect to magnify the good things you do—helping you build trust, attract new customers, and close sales.


4.7 out of 5 stars

Harry Cohen, PhD

Noted psychologist, author, motivational speaker, and executive coach.

Be your best self and
customers will notice

We all have the power to be the sun for ourselves and those around us. It’s choosing to enact this power that makes the difference. We can all be the bright light, energy, and positivity in everyday interactions – not pouring salt on anyone’s roots (including our own).

Rooted in Science

Written by Harry Cohen, PhD, a psychologist and executive coach, Be the Sun, Not the Salt, guides us towards heliotropic behaviors, applying the science of the sun to our everyday interactions.

While this might sound like a lot, it’s simple in practice. We naturally behave like plants; drawn towards the positivity of the sun and unable to grow with salt on (our) roots. This book provides a framework for how we can all be a little more like the sun, steer clear of salty behaviors, and share the best of who we are with the people around us.


Be the Sun, Not the Salt: for you and your organization

Positive change can start with any one of us. Why not let it be you? Return to this book time and again as a simple reminder to be your best self. Consider getting copies for your entire team!

A Book. A Movement.
A Mindset.

At your bedside, on your coffee table, or at your desk, Be the Sun, Not the Salt is a book for everyone, everywhere, at any time. The simple lessons bound in this book will live with you for a lifetime, and help the way you treat yourself, your friends, your, family, and your customers.

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