Discover how embracing positivity can transform how you interact with patients, colleagues, and yourself. This book can help you harness your best self and foster a healthier work environment.


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Harry Cohen, PhD

Renowned psychologist, Dr. Harry Cohen, provides you with tools to bring new light into your patient care.

Be your best self and
patients will benefit

You have the power to bring positivity to your patients and colleagues. By choosing to act with kindness, empathy, and positivity, you can make a significant difference in patient care. This book teaches you how to bring light, energy, and positivity to every interaction, creating a healing environment for everyone involved.

Be the sun not the salt Podcast

Dr. Rana Awdish shares how her shift from doctor to critical care patient transformed her life and approach to medicine.

Rooted in Science

Written by Harry Cohen, PhD, a psychological and executive coach, Be the Sun, Not the Salt, guides you towards positive behaviors, applying the science of the sun to everyday interactions. While this might sound like a lot, it’s simple in practice. We are naturally inclined to bright paths and drawn towards the positivity of the sun. Imagine how you can enhance your own work. This book provides a framework for that.


Shine Bright in
Your Nursing Role

Positive change can start with any one of us. Why not let it be you? Return to this book time and again as a simple reminder to be your best self. Consider getting copies for your entire team!

A Book. A Movement.
A Mindset.

At your bedside, in your locker, or in the break room, Be the Sun, Not the Salt is a book for everyone, everywhere, at any time. The simple lessons bound in this book will serve you for a lifetime, and help the way you trust yourself, your colleagues, your family, and your patients.

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