Choose Kindness

Help us Make Kindness the Norm by participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week, February 16-22, 2020. Be the Sun, Not the Salt is joining the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation in a week-long celebration of kindness. We are doing our part to help make the world more kind by also celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day on February 17, 2020. This is our chance to have fun being a little extra kind.

When you do a kind, compassionate, thoughtful and helpful deed for another person, your body fills with dopamine and oxytocin, the love hormone. You feel great. The other person that is receiving the kind, helpful thing, their blood fills with the same hormone as well. The even more amazing part: a third party just witnessing the act, their blood fills with oxytocin and dopamine too. It’s a chain reaction of positive feelings that leaves everyone involved a little better off! We invite you to read our latest blog about Random Acts of Kindness Week.

We invite you to read our latest blog about National Mentoring Month.

Be The Sun…

WHAT – As mentioned in Be the Sun, Not the Salt, “Authentic give a $%!#.” Being authentically kind is heliotropic, we can’t fake this stuff, there is no technique.

HOW – It is not about being someone else, it is about being the best version of yourself. The best version of your self is kind, thoughtful, considerate, aware, self-controlled, not a talking machine, and when you make a mistake, you correct it in the right way. You say what you mean, you mean what you say, you don’t say it mean.

WHY – You can make a difference in people’s lives. Leave them with an afterglow not an aftertaste. With every exchange that you have with people, remember to Be the Sun, Not the Salt. Now go forth and BE KIND!

…Not The Salt

WHAT – Being the Salt is toxic, it requires extra effort to overcome it, for both the giver and the receiver.

HOW – With a little bit of intention, you can overcome Being the Salt. It is not like these heliotropic Positive Energizers are born this way; we all have to work at it! Just be more positive than negative to counteract the power of the negative. And if being the Sun is a bridge too far, just don’t be the Salt.

WHY – For some people, just not Being the Salt is victorious. All of us can get better at this. ALL OF US. And, all you have to do is want to do it.

Heliotropic Highlight

One of our readers shared this story of a personal heliotropic win!

I was in a parking garage and the exit was very backed up. As I got closer I realized it was slow because there was a shopping cart in the middle of the lane that everyone had to pull around to avoid. My first reaction is why doesn’t someone just move it…and I quickly realized…that someone should be me. A few people yelled a thank you out of their windows. It took 20 seconds, saved me and the rest of the customers a lot of time and put a smile on my own face.

We love hearing from our readers and positive energizers. Please share a story or photo of your experience while Being the Sun and see what others are saying!


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