Do It Anyway

All the reasons why it is hard to be heliotropic are true—BE Heliotropic anyway!

Be the Sun, Not the Salt, is joining, a pioneer on the issue of Stomp Out Bullying during National STOMP OUT BULLYING Month. We are dedicating our message to support their mission;

Standing Up Against Hate, Racism, and Discrimination
Changing the Culture with Inclusion, Civility, Equality, and Unity

Flex your DO IT ANYWAY muscles, and be heliotropic as an effective means of dealing with all forms of bullying.

• Be Kind
• Be Thoughtful
• Be Dependable
• Be Curious
• Be Direct
• Be Grateful
• Be Forgiving
• Be Compassionate

Be any of the virtues that you already are when you are at your BEST! Practice being your best self every day. Yes, it takes effort. The more you do it the easier it gets. In the face of any difficulty, in any circumstance, choose to intentionally be heliotropic.

Everyone WINS!

• You will feel better for it.
• Your life will be better for it.
• The lives of people around you will be better for it.

When it comes to confronting bullying—BE YOUR BEST SELF—#STANDUP, Be Direct, Be Thoughtful, Be Kind, Don’t Be Salt on Others’ Roots.

A message from our Founder, Dr. Harry D. Cohen