Dream More, Learn More, Do More

Plants grow toward The Sun. In fact, flowers will turn their blossoms to face its direction. The Sun provides the nutrients that plants need to grow. Salt, on the other hand, inhibits growth when it is absorbed by the root. And, as a result, the plant will likely die. People are not that different from plants. They require certain things to grow and will experience setbacks under certain circumstances if those requirements are not met. Similarly, in the workplace, a leader can either be sunny or salty for their team members.

Be The Sun...

WHAT – Practice self-care. If you’re not taking care of yourself, you won’t succeed in leading other people.

HOW – Get good sleep, eat well, and exercise. Don’t give up; try until you find what works for you. Always keep working on bringing out your best.

WHY – The key to being a heliotropic leader is to be the best version of yourself. Be a person that people want to work for and make the people that work for you feel good about themselves.

...Not The Salt

WHAT – When we put salt on people’s roots, it’s really toxic. It stings and lasts longer than the positive.

HOWYou have to give five “atta-boys” to one “What were you thinking?” Acknowledge the positive and make people feel great.

WHY – This is the foundation for heliotropic leadership, a practice that emphasizes the benefits of compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness. This is something that heliotropic, positive-energizer leaders need to master. People will do more for great leaders.

Heliotropic Highlight

“Dr. Harry’s message is a universal truth; be a good person and treat people so that they are drawn to you. It’s not just good advice for life, it turns out to be great for managing people and a business. It’s so good I teach it to my employees and my kids. This stuff really works.”

– Kevin S.


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