How Can We Be More Kind?

Be the Sun, Not the Salt is joining Random Acts of Kindness in celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week 2021. Kindness is a common behavior in heliotropic people, which is why we challenge you to take Random Acts of Kindness a step further and intentionally incorporate kindness into your daily life!

Heliotropic people want the best for others. No one is perfect at all times, but intention matters. Heliotropic people strive to be better than they are: to improve, to grow, to be their best selves. Heliotropic people want the best for others, so they make a point to pour sun on other peoples’ leaves.

When you are heliotropic you are;

• You smile
• You keep your word
• You are dependable
• You work hard
• You listen well
• You speak thoughtfully
• You are compassionate
• You are forgiving
• You are curious and mindful of others

Today we invite you to explore the good and look at how you can be more kind. As Mark Twain said so beautifully, “Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear.” So, how can we be more kind? Just lean into being more kind in any circumstance you find yourself in, and do it deliberately. So today, for example, say “to whom can I be more kind?”. We challenge you to be kind to someone who you might normally not be kind to. For example, if you are not feeling like being kind, this person may be going a little slower than you think they should or taking longer to do a task then you expect or they are not as competent as you want them to be. This is where we can practice being more kind. Test it out in the laboratory of your own experience. As we said, there is no down side to being kind. There is only upside for us and for the person to whom we are kind to.

As you explore the good and deliberately practice being more kind, you are bound to catch yourself being unkind at times. When you make a mistake, a real blunder, you say the wrong thing, or you made the wrong move, what do you do? The answer is simple, YOU DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING! If you don’t like the outcome of the action you took, do the next right thing now.

If you are acting in the present, you will be paying attention. If you have salted someone’s roots, you will need to take special care to help them recover. The past is the past. If you need to apologize, apologize well. If you do something that is not kind, you will know it. You will also most likely know how to correct it. You will know the next right thing to do.

Here’s my two cents, lean into it deliberately, consider kindness a superpower, and practice it today, especially in circumstances where you think, “do I really need to be kind here?”, the answer is YES… see what happens!