Intention Matters to Improve & Grow

Many of you have heard me say that I feel like I have discovered the secret to life. HONESTLY, I really feel like I got it, I figured it out. After a few decades of life you start to pickup a few things. The whole idea is that we are supposed to learn stuff and get wiser. I have instilled the essence of my life so far, and I want to pass it on in the simplest form, so people say, “GOT IT! – That is good stuff”! That is the purpose of why I wrote Be the Sun, Not the Salt, and why I continue to talk with you all about building intentional habits to be your best selves!

Be The Sun...

WHAT – No one is perfect at all times, but intention matters. Heliotropic people strive to be better than they are. To improve. To grow.


• Smile
• Keep your word
• Be kind, dependable, and honest
• Do the hard work
• Listen well
• Speak thoughtfully
• Be compassionate, forgiving, curious, and mindful of others


WHY – The great news is, the more you practice, the more automatic it becomes.

• You will be better for it
• Your life will be better for it
• The lives of people around you will be better for it

...Not The Salt

WHAT – For some of us, being Sunny is a bridge too far. Some days it’s just too far for any of us. When you are in these moments, just know it is really powerful to not pour salt on people’s roots.

HOW – Bite your tongue. You don’t need to say everything you think. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t say it mean!

WHY – If you put even the smallest effort behind any of these ideas, you will be more successful and fulfilled no matter what your life circumstances.

Heliotropic Highlight

We believe that each of us has the power to energize ourselves and uplift those around us. As part of our mission, we want to help provide you with the content and tools designed to promote and practice heliotropic behaviors. Click Here to watch the first video in our new series “A Word From Harry” plus enjoy the ever-changing works of many collaborators! We wish you all well and encourage you to pass this letter on to a friend!