If we embrace empathy and gratitude, our everyday interactions become more positive, productive, and effective.

Harry Cohen, PhD
Psychologist, author, transformational speaker, executive coach

better leaders.
better culture.

Dr. Cohen delivers a passionate, interactive presentation experience. One that inspires and equips each participant with the skills to immediately become a more positive energizer at work and in their personal lives.

Harry Cohen,

After a decade of serving patients in his private practice, Dr. Harry Cohen (Ph.D, Psychology, University of Michigan) began a career in executive and leadership coaching, applying the same principles he used in family therapy to Fortune 500 companies.

In doing so, he developed the principles of "being the sun," which led to the creation of Be the Sun, Not the Salt, a book and philosophy designed to help uplift, inspire, and bring a more positive outlook to one’s self and others.

Changing Orgs
and Minds

Bringing Be the Sun, Not the Salt principles to life at your organization can elevate cultural initiatives, improve morale, and help your business grow. We work with you to develop a program that best fits your needs.

Speaking Engagements

Harry Cohen, PhD, is a noted speaker who has inspired audiences, large and small, in both corporate and educational settings for nearly a decade. Let him bring his common sense approach to your conference, event, or other organizational milestone.

We pride ourselves on presenting leadership materials in ways that make the most sense for you and your organization. If you're interested in ways Harry can impact your business, we'd love to talk.

organizational change
begins with you.

organizational change
begins with you.

Harry has been helping all types of organizations find their sun. Companies like Holman and many others have been transforming their cultures through this simple, science-backed methodology. He’d be honored to share it with you and your team.
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Dive Deep into the Be the Sun, Not the Salt Podcast

Our podcast provides unique personal perspectives to inspire, equip, and remind us to do more good for ourselves and others. These conversations demonstrate how simple strategies can change the way we live, work, and lead in profoundly surprising ways.

Think for a moment about why plants tilt toward the sun. They lean into that energy, that positivity to fuel who they are. We can do more of that, too. And it pays off — in our personal relationships, in how we treat ourselves and each other, and especially in how we lead and work together.

— Dr. Harry Cohen

Hire Harry

Introduce the concepts of Be the Sun, Not the Salt to your organization and watch positive change blossom.

There is a huge difference between knowing and doing. I challenge you to do. His wisdom has made me a better leader and a better person.

— Melinda (Mindy) K. Holman
Chairman of the Board, Holman Enterprises, Inc.

On Heliotropism
At dawn, all sunflowers will start off the day facing east, getting ready for the sun to emerge over the horizon. As the sun moves across the sky as the day goes on, only the younger sunflowers will follow along and pivot to the west. Once the sun sets in the western sky, those young sunflowers will slowly turn back to east during the night, waiting for the sun to rise once again.

— Podcast Guest / Need name and title

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