A little about me…

I am a retired Marketing executive excited to dedicate more of my time to “Work that Matters”—stuff that makes a difference in peoples’ lives. I am a consultant, mentor, wife, mother, friend, up-cycler and serial problem solver.
When I first heard Harry Cohen speak about Heliotropic Leadership, I told him it could, and should be a broadly shared message and one I believed would spread nationally. Although the message was centered around leadership, I became fixated on the simplicity of the idea and the important role it could play in everyday life. Thinking and behaving with a heliotropic mindset is just as important for families, and schools as it is in the workplace. I am eager to lead this effort to encourage people of all ages to Be the Sun, Not the Salt!

Focusing on being heliotropic moment-to-moment, instead of just when it comes easily, has changed the way I feel every day. We hope you can find some inspiration here as well and if you have any ideas about how we can teach, encourage, and spread this message, please let us know!