Who am I?

A shrink, coach, husband, father, restaurateur, serial entrepreneur, speaker and friend. Currently, I am an executive coach on retainer at several companies to help their executives and high potential managers hone their leadership skills and focus on their unique strengths.

I wrote a book many years ago titled, Secrets of the Obvious, which I believe to be a guide for balanced living and since 2008, I have owned The Black Pearl, a restaurant in Ann Arbor, MI which allows me the opportunity to practice the principles I teach.

A few years ago, I was asked to give a TEDx Talk on my coaching philosophy which is centered around heliotropic leadership. The principles I discussed in the TedX Talk resonated with many and therefore, inspired me to spread the message to as many people as possible. I have gathered other like-minds to help me with this goal!

I invite you to learn more about my latest book Be the Sun, Not the Salt, in which I dive further into these heliotropic principles and how to apply them within your life. Click the link below to learn more about the book!

Glad you found us! Please let us know if you have any thoughts about how to do even more good with this message.