Your smile is one in a million
and we'd love you to share it!

We’re on a mission to make your world a kinder place. And it all starts with a smile. Your smile.

We started #millionsmilesproject as a fun, easy way to share your smile and prompt more smiles through social media. This is a movement for all of us to be our best selves.

Smiles are powerful and are scientifically proven to make you more effective in your interactions with others helping your career.

It can also reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. Maybe helping you live longer.

Join our effort to spread some needed kindness. Scroll down to learn how to post your smile with the world.

Can we really get to 1 million smiles? Who knows, we can try 🙂

Smiling can make you
more productive.

There are two ways to share your smile:

1. Upload your smile to share it with the world.

Using the examples on this page for inspiration, draw a picture of a smile on a piece of paper and hold it under your nose, then snap a selfie. Or take a picture of a smile you see in nature, in a pattern on the sidewalk, or in a doorway. Then upload it to your favorite social media channels.

2. Download our SMILES KIT to send smiles to your friends.

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