National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month!

The SALTY response is, if you have to ask, then mentoring probably isn’t for you! HOWEVER, we believe mentoring IS for everyone, which is why we will articulate a much more SUNNY response as to why everyone should be a mentor. Good mentorship is reciprocal, and goes way beyond feeling good or wanting to give back. This quote from a Starmate mentor really sums it up:

“Being honest with other people about their problems is also a good opportunity to reflect on your own life. The best advice I’ve given to someone is often the advice I’ve needed to hear myself… but rarely are people as honest with themselves as they are with others.”

We invite you to read our latest blog about National Mentoring Month.

Be The Sun…

WHAT – Playing the role of a mentor is a humbling experience. It is also a very powerful experience. Everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to give. But for many of us, we undervalue our own experience and underestimate the knowledge we possess.

HOW – Listening is a skill, and it’s a skill very few people master. Instead, it’s one of those things we need to remind ourselves of constantly to actively practice. Actively listening to someone else – properly listening – is almost a form of meditation. It puts you in a place where you clear your head and think of nothing other than what someone else is saying.

WHY – Being a mentor enables you to not only help someone else in their journey, but it’s also an experience that will challenge you to be a better version of yourself.

…Not The Salt

WHAT – Knowing isn’t doing. The old “actions speak louder than words” saying works well here – demonstrate commitment and lead by example.

HOW – Mentors should provide honest feedback without being overly critical, and they shouldn’t steer a mentee’s career decisions. You want to guide people, give them information and let them make their own choices. You want to encourage them to capitalize on their strengths.

WHY – People do their best work when they feel their best. When you drill deep into the data, what people want most is to feel worthwhile, connected and appreciated.

Heliotropic Highlight

Many have found that Be the Sun, Not the Salt has helpful applications that can be applied in many ways and in a number of different settings. In fact, one of our heliotropic followers, an elementary school teacher, has been incorporating the messages of Be the Sun, Not the Salt into her lesson plans! Initially just taking one talking point from the book and spending a few minutes at the start and end of each day discussing it with her students, she began to see them use the language and implement intentional heliotropic behaviors more and more. Seeing this great response, this practice has now evolved into her students reading a daily message over the loud speaker to the entire school that connects to messages within the book!

We love hearing from our readers and positive energizers. Please share a story or photo of your experience while Being the Sun!


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