National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today, February 17, is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Being kind is a large part of being Heliotropic, so begin with random acts and morph those into intentional acts of kindness. Imagine if we could all be a little more kind. Kindness comes from the word kin, which implies that we are all kin, we are all connected as members of the same family. Imagine if we thought of everyone as kin. This would make us feel more inclined to treat our kin folk like brothers and sisters. We encourage you to test out being more kind in the laboratory of your own experience. We support Random Acts of Kindness Day, and we challenge you to take it a step further by practicing intentional acts of kindness on a daily basis!

Be The Sun...

WHAT – Deliberately lean into being more kind.

HOW – Be authentic with your kindness, not as some form of technique to curry favor. Be truly deliberate to connect with someone and be kind. Lean into it and consider kindness a superpower.

WHY – The cool thing about being kind is that when we are, somebody will often say, well that’s very kind of you. This makes you feel good. Kindness doesn’t have to cost anything, but it has all kinds of upsides for you and the person you are being kind to.

...Not The Salt

WHAT – Be kind to the people that we otherwise might not be kind to. These are the people on your list that you say to yourself, these people need to be taught a lesson, they need to learn something.

HOW – We don’t want to be thought of as being unkind. Think about unkindness, as a way to motivate yourself. Nudge yourself and remind yourself to be kind, even when you think it is not necessary.

WHY – Even the smallest unkindness is not necessary. The people we think don’t deserve our kindness, probably deserve it more.

Heliotropic Highlight

We love our friends at Random Acts of Kindness and are really excited about their theme of “Explore the Good” this year. We encourage you to find your own way to #ExploreTheGood today (and all days).

To learn more about Random Acts of Kindness visit their website


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