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Harry discusses what it means to be salty and how to be a positive energizer. Dr. Cohen states, “All of the behaviors that human beings engage in when we get frustrated or impatient or disappointed, it’s our worst qualities that come out in those moments and we usually regret them. All people engage in salty behaviors sometimes, and the key to it is to see it and do the next right thing. Apologize well and do your best to be your better self, not the salty self.”
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Be the Sun, Not the Salt & Help Shift Others’ Perspective to See a Brighter Reality with Dr. Harry Cohen

Harry discusses how to be a positive energizer and spread more joy. Harry states, “They’re platitudes and cliches, and they’re also beautiful truths. And if we can absorb them, metabolize them, live them and help others, everybody wins.”

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The Simplest, Most Effortless Ways to Live a Better Life & Make a Positive Impact in the World with Dr. Harry Cohen

Harry talks about the significance of simplicity and mindfulness in enhancing life and helping others through simple acts of kindness and gratitude. Harry stated, “Just today, take a breath, look around, look at how beautiful it is, count your blessings, do something good for somebody.”

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