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Gratitude in Action: From Morning TV to Motherhood

Joan Lunden and daughter Jamie Hess reveal how vulnerability and gratitude shaped their lives, careers, and approaches to parenting.

    Joan Lunden & Jamie Hess

    Season 2 Episode 5

    Season 2

    Producer Ira Rosen reflects on creating groundbreaking work in "salty" conditions while managing egos and unlearning bad habits.

    Restaurateur and author, Will Guidara shares his moves for making everyone around him feel seen, known, and appreciated.

    Dr. Rana Awdish shares how her shift from doctor to critical care patient transformed her life and approach to medicine.

    Sexual assault survivor Trinea Gonczar shares her journey of facing trauma as she helps other survivors navigate the recovery process.

    Season 1

    Mindy Holman shares how it's possible to lead a century-old, global automotive company by putting people first and seeking opportunities to serve.

    Making heliotropic choices when building connections and companies: Entrepreneur, Farzin Shadpour talks about taking a neurodiverse perspective.

    Brigadier General Kathy White helps us understand how to focus on fostering collaboration among diverse perspectives.

    Hear from global financial leader Marion Harris on why finding the right path to becoming a successful leader starts from a place of joy and fun.

    Why Kristi VandenBosch, President of Oliver NYC, thinks young professionals should not compromise their values in professional settings.

    Transformational Educator, Corey Fried, shares her approach—empowering kids to process emotions, connect, and communicate in powerfully empathetic ways.

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    Join us as Dr. Harry Cohen and Connie Fontaine explore how the act of being more heliotropic is making a big difference in the daily lives of our incredible guests. These conversations are meant to inspire, equip, and remind us how to be the best version of ourselves, every day.

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    Find Your Sun

    All of these transformative stories draw from a single source. This simple book can help you see your relationships—friends, family, co-workers— in a new light.


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