Episode 9: Farzin Shadpour

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Farzin Shadpour started a venture capital fund which has invested in over 58 start up companies from countries all over the world. Two of those startups now have a valuation of over one billion dollars – a “unicorn“ in investment terms. Identifying as a high functioning neuro-diverse autistic person, Farzin articulates the points he practices from “Be the Sun, Not the Salt,” which he describes as a concise “hand book” for how to relate to all people at home and at work. He shares the ways he brings these points to life in order to earn a seat at the table of his early-stage startup investments, where connection and compatibility goes a long way. In addition, Farzin shared the impact of learning to “hold the salt” in his personal and professional relationships. As an engineer, he uses a unique formula to remember that being correct may be less important than how he makes people feel, and he doesn’t need to be so quick to point out the negative. We could call this episode… “minus 2 times positive 2 equals negative 4.”

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