Episode 10: Mindy Holman

Mindy Holman, Chair of Holman, leads a century-old automotive company with a global impact. Dive into her embodiment of ‘Be the Sun, Not the Salt’ principles in ‘Be on the Look Out,’ and hear how she inspires a better world, and us!

Episode 9: Farzin Shadpour

Venture Capitalist Farzin Shadpour, with 2 unicorn successes, shares insights on heliotropic choices through the lens of neurodiversity. Join his ‘Be the Sun, Not the Salt’ journey in ‘Minus 2 Times Positive 2 Equals Negative 4’ for a unique take on building connections and companies.

Episode 8: Kathy White

The wildly accomplished Brigadier General Kathy White practices being a better person using ‘Be the Sun, Not the Salt.’ Join her in ‘Remember What Day It Is’ to explore how she and her military team strive daily to be their best, impacting collaboration among differing perspectives.

Episode 7: Marion Harris

Marion Harris, a heliotropic leader and CEO of Ford Motor Credit, shares corporate success tips. Learn from his experiences on becoming a better leader in ‘If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Not Doing It Right.’

Episode 6: Kristi VandenBosch

Kristi VandenBosch, President of Oliver NYC, shares wisdom for young professionals: never compromise values or voice. In ‘Be the Wise Sunflower,’ she inspires us to ‘Do a Kristi’ by stepping into the fray with courage and confidence.

Episode 5: Corey Fried

Corey Fried, a transformative educator, began turning insights from ‘Be the Sun, Not the Salt’ into daily lessons for her students after deciding: ‘I Want to Be THAT Teacher’. Tune in for inspiring stories to bring out your best self while empowering kids to do the same.

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