Salt happens.
but being sunny is a great way to be!

"I catch myself more and more using this as a lens in my conversations, emails, everything ... It's just great AND easy.”

– Angela G.

Apologize Well.

Today, Harry shares his insight into how to apologize well. A genuine apology is as simple as expressing honest regret and taking responsibility for your actions. Fake apologies, on the other hand, are transparent. People see right through them. They are salt on roots. Practice the art of apologizing well and your relationships will benefit.

The Heliotropic Effect.

In this episode, Harry talks about what being sunny not salty means.It’s a metaphor highlighting people, like plants, are attracted to sunny or good energy and repelled by salty or bad energy. Be more sunny…and hold the salt!

See how you can add a little more sun in your life.

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