Be Heliotropic, Be Your Best Self

Be Heliotropic, Be Your Best Self

In a recent interview with Joseph Jaffe, with CoronaTV, Dr. Harry Cohen talks about the topic of being Heliotropic!

What do Heliotropic people do?

A study of heliotropic people, those who we call Positive Energizers, reveals that they behave in ways that make other people feel great when they are around them.

What do they Do?

They are:

• Compassionate
• Kind
• Caring
• They keep their word
• They smile
• They are humble
• They are courageous
• They are thoughtful
• They are patient

These are all virtues that all of us love about people who behave like this, and we love ourselves when we behave like this! This is what it takes to be heliotropic, it is basically being a good person, being a caring person, a kind person, a compassionate person, a thoughtful person, it’s being our best self, and when we are it feels great to be around us. Just like we feel great when we are around people who behave like this.

This is practicing being the Sun, not the Salt. This is moment to moment, daily, WE KNOW THIS STUFF! The challenge is to do it! The doing of it is, as much as you possibly can, try your best, to lean into any of the virtues that you particularly like about yourself and other people.

Actions like;

• Kindness
• Authenticity
• Vulnerability
• Gratitude
• Listening

Any of these virtues is what you can practice to be your best self. Help your brother or your sister out, say please and thank you, smile, all these things are practicing the virtues that make a difference that uplift others. This is the practice of Being the Sun, Not the Salt. If you can’t be the sun, being uplifting to others, then just don’t be the salt, refrain from saying anything! anything!

It is equally important to pay attention to when you are the Salt.

The impact of incivility on people’s health and well-being is remarkable. It is like the science of negativity. Just witnessing the incivility makes the person’s performance go down and makes their creativity go down. You don’t even have to be the recipient of the Salt, simply observing it can have adverse effects on you as well.

The key is, practice this to the extent that you can, anyway you can, and by doing so your heliotropic muscle gets stronger. Even if you can’t uplift others, just don’t make them feel bad by saying or doing anything that is unnecessarily salty!

Build habits to just do this with deliberate intent. Know the effect on others is uplifting, be a positive energizer, be heliotropic. Practice and emulate the qualities that we love in others, it’s us at our best!

To learn more about being heliotropic and being your best self, click here to see the entire interview with Dr. Harry Cohen and Joseph Jaffe, with CoronaTV.

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