Be Your Best Self

How Can You Be Your Best Self?

Practice! Practice! Practice! It is a myth that practice makes perfect. IT DOESN’T! What you practice makes you better at what you’re practicing. There is no perfect. You have a chance to try again and be your best self every moment of every day. Whenever you do make a mistake, a real blunder, don’t get caught up in it, just do the next right thing!

There is an old Cherokee legend that touches on an internal fight that goes on inside all of us. The struggle consists of two wolves, on manifests itself through negative energy, of all that is evil, the other demonstrates joy, compassion, faith and all that is good. The legend reminds us that the wolf that wins is the one we choose to feed. Make the choice to feed the right wolf.

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Be The Sun…

WHAT – Feed the Right Wolf. “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” – Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

HOW – Take the wheel! Wake up every morning and make the conscious decision to feed the good wolf.

WHY – We all have an innate need to do good! Not only is it beneficial for you, but it also has the power to uplift others as well. It’s no surprise that, when we’re on the receiving end of love, we reap a benefit. “There are ample studies showing that when people receive generosity and compassion, there is a positive effect on their health and well-being.” – WebMD

…Not The Salt

WHAT – Don’t feed the wrong wolf. Don’t spend your time soaking in negative thoughts. No matter what challenges lie ahead of you, be heliotropic anyway.

HOW – It doesn’t matter that all our excuses are legitimate (e.g. He was rude) or that all the reasons why it is hard to be heliotropic are true (e.g. I was tired). Be heliotropic anyway.

WHY – According to the Mayo Clinic, some studies show that personality traits such as optimism and pessimism can affect many areas of your health and well-being. Pessimism affects your mental health because it constantly feeds you negative thoughts. A negative mindset can lead to anger and depression. If you are struggling with anxiety, worry, anger or rage, or depression you should speak to a professional therapist. – Better Help

So, why be heliotropic?

• You will be better for it.
• Your life will be better for it.
• The lives of the people around you will be better for it!

Heliotropic Highlight

We’ve been told by several people that keeping their book in a visible place is a great nudge and reminder to be their best self.

As you can see in the photo, this reader keeps their book right by the phone so being heliotropic is top of mind at the beginning of every phone call.

We love hearing from our readers and positive energizers.

Please share a story or photo of your experience while Being the Sun!


Always be your best self and people will be drawn to you. It’s not about being the most popular. It’s about being kind, humble and real.

We wish you all well and encourage you to continue to practice, practice, practice! Help us spread our message by passing this letter on to a friend! If you’d like to receive future newsletters from our team, please sign up!

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