Intentional Efforts to Be Your Best Self

Intentional Efforts to Be Your Best Self

Intentional living is how we all can learn to be heliotropic! Being intentional with your actions is not meant to be time consuming or expensive. Utilizing intentional living is also not meant to be giving everything up or throwing everything away. I find that intentional living is about making daily decisions about the priorities in your life. When you lay out your priorities you are able to make decisions on what activities enhance or bring disarray to your life. An example of this can be choosing to make time for yourself rather than taking up another activity that may cause stress or a cluttered mind. Therefore, it is important to make our own choices rather than having others make it for us.

Affirmation of our achievements helps with our personal and professional development. I encourage you to look at your own personal successes and share them with others. Becoming your best self comes from your peers! Receiving positive feedback about your strengths and contributions creates affirmation which allows for growth with healthy emotions, personal agency, and helps strengthen the relationships we hold with others. Using affirmation professionally can help increase job satisfaction and help reduce employee turnover in the workplace.

Here is some advice on ways we can be intentional with our actions:

Create a Clear Daily Routine:
A daily routine helps us begin and end the day on a good note no matter the clutter that happens in between. A clear schedule can also help keep us organized and improve our daily productivity.

Tidy Up Your Home:
Be intentional with what you have in your home. Get rid of things that you no longer hold value to and organize what you do have. A cleaner and tidier home can help improve your mood overall!

Time is Important:
Don’t waste your time and energy arguing about stupid stuff. Always remember to say ‘no’ to things you may not want to do. A key to enjoying life is making time for yourself and enjoying the time that you have. Hang out with friends while enjoying their company, and don’t forget to smile!

Build Your Relationships:
Figure out the relationships with people who support you, those that need improvement, and others you may have to let go. In other words, don’t hang with Cilantro! When life gets you down, it is best to have a friend who has your back!

Practice Being Optimistic:
Our choices and decisions are influenced by our current mindset. Make sure to take the positivity out of every situation and do not let life pass you by without making the most of it. In addition, don’t let negative talk get to you, instead focus on positivity and uplifting yourself and those around you!

Healthy Habits:
Work on being intentional with what you eat and put into your body. Develop a healthy sleep cycle, work on some dietary goals, and practice exercising every day.

Mental Health Awareness:
Keep track of your emotions and state of mind. Be intentional and ask for help and support at times when you need it most. Own your emotions and take action on them when it is needed.

Practice Gratitude:
Practice being intentional with the world around you. Look at what you have and be grateful for it. It is best that we do not chase the things we do not have.

Learn to Walk Away:
Learn to constantly make a life that is better for you. If you have a bad boss, challenge yourself to move on and find another job. Always make sure to disengage in drama and refuse to participate in the salt.


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