Leading as a Positive Energizer

We’re experiencing what could be the most significant reinvention of work in our time. Leaders will have an unprecedented opportunity to reexamine, redefine and reimagine the nature of our work, the way they engage people and how companies’ function.

Brilliant leadership is always important, and will be especially important as we move into the future.

Dr. Harry Cohen has a chapter in his book “Be The Sun, Not The Salt”, that is titled “PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE”, in this chapter, Dr. Cohen refutes the myth that practice makes perfect. The point that Dr. Cohen does make in this chapter is that what you practice, makes you better at what you practice. Dr. Cohen also refers to the parable of two wolves (have this link to the wolf video on YouTube: in this chapter, with the message to feed the good wolf. Exceptional Leaders are ones that feed the good wolf more often, rather than the evil wolf. than the evil wolf.

Feeding the good wolf and being a leader that is a “Positive Energizer” includes traits like:

• Give hope, purpose and meaning
• Be forward-leaning and inspire people based on the power of a compelling future
• Be clear about reality let people know about the business environment, the competitive climate and what is necessary to accomplish results
• Be present
• Be visible
• Be authentic
• Demonstrate you care, give people space to work through difficulties and take the time they need to care for themselves and their families
• Hold people accountable
• Provide challenges
• Provide empowerment
• Provide opportunities
• Be an advocate for your team members
• Bring people together, demand constructive behavior and do not tolerate toxicity
• Make tough decisions
• Model the way

How a message is delivered matters. Positive Energizers are exceptional atconscientious about the way they delivery messages. As said in Dr. Cohen’s “PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE” chapter, you get a chance to try again every moment of every day, of every year of your life. If you find yourself making a mistake, or feeding the evil wolf as a leader, stop, and do the next right thing.

Be The Sun, Not the Salt is always on the lookout for people who are the SUN on others leaves. Recently Dr. Harry Cohen had the chance to meet Adam Hegsted, from Hayden Lake Idaho. Adam is a husband, father, leader, award winning chef, entrepreneur, enthusiastic volunteer, and an exceptional Positive Energizer in all aspects of his life, especially as a leader. Harry and Adam had the chance to talk about some examples of how Adam is positively leading his team and innovating new ways to run his restaurants during the covid pandemic. Adam owns and operates 11 different restaurants from Ponderay, Idaho to Spokane, Washington. Wandering Table, Incrediburger and Eggs, The Yards Bruncheon, The Gilded Unicorn, Eat Good Café, Honey Eatery and Social Club, Republic Kitchen and Taphouse, Farmhouse Kitchen BBQ, Le Catering Co.

During the Stay Home, Stay Healthy order, Adam found himself laying people off with no for sure return date, as well as finding ways to be a positive leader to motivate the remaining team to dig in and do multiple jobs for in many cases less than they were making prior. They started out with over 180 team members, and ended up with less than 20 to run the restaurants during the Stay Home Stay Healthy order.

Adam states being able to be a positive energizer is a habit that takes time to form. This habit is not just about being kind to people. It is easy to lose your cool, and blow off steam, it is a lot harder to be calm, and talk through ways to change their actions or the system to bring out positive results.

Dr. Harry Cohens states in this interview below, the singular mission of Be The Sun, Not the Salt is to get this simple idea;

• Being kind
• Being respectful
• Being loving
• Being grateful
• Being virtuous

Doing this in all the different ways that we already are, is a lot better for everyonebetter for ourselves and all of those around us. Everyone should have zero tolerance for being salty.

After 25 years of working on being a positive energizer, Adam still finds himself with the daily, moment to moment decision of choosing to Be The Sun, Not the Salt. Adam reminds us that the most successful business people are kind and compassionate. Adam, the team at Be The Sun, Not the Salt thanks you for all you do to make the world a better place. We applaud all your intentional efforts to Be The Sun, Not The Salt. Harry says…keep up the good work my brother!

Watch Dr. Harry Cohen’s zoom interview with Adam Hegsted below:

To learn more about Adam’s restaurants, click here.

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