Meet Adam Hegsted

Today, it’s important for businesses both large and small to embrace a bottomless well of optimism as well as an original way of viewing the world. It’s real easy to Be the Salt and identify what’s wrong. Instead, leaders need to Be the Sun and inspire our teams to see what they can learn during times of change. I am pleased to introduce you to our friend Adam Hegsted… a genuine to the core Positive Energizer. Adam owns and operates 11 restaurants in Spokane, Washington with 25 plus years experience. Adam leads his team with kindness and positivity. This week, we share some insight from Adam regarding how he is managed to reduce his team from 180 team members to only 20. Adam kept 7 of 11 restaurants open during the stay home, stay healthy order. As the states opened, like all business owners, Adam is welcoming his team and customers back while continuing to Be the Sun, Not the Salt. Click Here to learn more from Adam.

Be The Sun…

WHAT – The philosophy of Being the Sun, Not the Salt is MOSTLY OBVIOUS! But, what isn’t obvious, and becomes so clear, is that by working on being more positive you can really be more positive while making a difference. Your expression of positivity takes intentional effort, even if you get it intuitively.

HOW – Take care of yourself. This rule applies to many areas of life. You can’t be valuable to the people that count on you without first taking care of yourself.

• Exercise
• Eat Healthy
• Take steps to help others be healthy
• Surround yourself with engines not anchors

WHY – None of us can predict with certainty how or when this change will end, or the long-term impacts it may have. By being a Positive Energizer you can control how your team

…Not The Salt

WHAT – Just like soap and water kills the virus, all you have to do is be kind and the virus of incivility dies. It’s that simple and that hard. The virus won’t penetrate if you wash your hands. Salt and incivility won’t penetrate if you are a little more kind, and a little better every day.

HOW – Create a culture of forgiveness over failure. As Sir Richard Branson once said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, but treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

WHY – When you don’t address your (or others) salty behavior it can be damaging to your health and can effect life at home. Staying silent is like a slow growing cancer to the soul.

Heliotropic Highlight

Eat Good Group has coordinated a team that have fed over 60,000 people as of June 30th. Spokane Food Fighters is a grassroots effort that believes, if given the opportunity, people will join together to end hunger, a meal or two at a time. In times of change, when problems seem overwhelming and solutions seem too big to get your arms around, Spokane Food Fighters is there. In the oncoming days there will be more people than ever struggling with food insecurity. Spokane Food Fighters is for next day emergency meal needs for those who have not been able to be helped through channels like their school district and food pantries.

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