Mental Blocks That Get in the Way of Being Heliotropic

Mental Blocks That Get in the Way of Being Heliotropic

We all have our mental blocks. Writing blocks, emotional blocks, and
blocks of doubt. But how can we overcome those mental blocks that
prevent us from being creative or productive?

There are two parts to overcoming our mental blocks. First, deal with
our internal selves, then focus on our external selves. Without dealing
with the internal blocks, we will never be able to overcome the external
blocks. Does this keep us from living a heliotropic lifestyle? In
short, yes it can! Mental blocks put pressure and stressors on us which
helps prevent us from being the sun and nourishing ourselves.

7 Types of Mental Blocks

Fears are a primary example of what is preventing us from reaching our
full potential. They make us exhibit feelings of our work not being good
enough or of what we do not being good enough. Self-doubt is not a
logical concept as it is primarily made from our heads. As a result, we
justify self-doubt and begin an unhealthy cycle of discouragement.
Likewise, it is necessary to find good company and be good company. A
simple way to help with self-doubt is to surround yourself with those
that nourish you. Let them be the sun on your leaves and, in doing so,
remove some salt from your life.

At some point in our lives we are all indecisive about what we want. An
indecision block can be quite destructive to our productivity and lead
us to pouring salt on other people’s leaves. It allows us to place too
much value on each and every decision we make. Being honest and taking
reality into consideration is a good first step. It is important to
think of the goal in front of you rather than struggling internally with
the “right decision.” Think of something that will bring you towards
the light rather than the darkness.

Fixed Mindset:
Accomplishments in the past are something that may set a limit for your
future. A fixed mindset limits your learning capabilities, growth, and
pushing yourself past your limits. Therefore, I challenge you to seek
out new activities each and every day! This will help you be your best
self and push yourself to a more heliotropic way of living. It will also
allow for opportunities to be a positive energizer in other people’s
lives rather than just your own.

Comparison against our peers is in our nature. It comes from a belief
called success scarcity. Success scarcity is based upon the thought that
there is a limited amount of success in the world. Surpassing this
mental block can be challenging, but it is important for us to find
success in our daily activities and turn away from comparing ourselves
against our peers or coworkers. Be kind to yourself and find things
about yourself that you love. Take those things and be proud of who YOU
are! Don’t let other’s abilities lead you into darkness and cultivate
negative energy.

Unlike indecision, uncertainty comes after you make a decision and keeps
you from moving forward with that choice. With current technology,
there is unlimited possibility with our options and it can easily feel
overwhelming. My best advice is to go for the option that feels right
for you and dive head first into the problem. It will help push you
forward into achieving that final goal! Don’t be afraid of mistakes
along the way, just make sure you do the next right thing!

No limits:
Thinking that we can do everything can be a large stressor in life.
Taking on too many tasks can spread you thin and actually slow you down
in your progression towards a goal. It is important to say no and spend
time for yourself to engage in your own endeavors rather than another’s.
Have a hard time saying no? Ask a friend to help you practice and gain
confidence being able to decline an invitation or request. Remember to
also MEAN what you say and don’t say it MEAN!

Tunnel Vision:
In relation to no limits, you also do not want to focus entirely on your
own perspective. Being focused entirely on your own perspective, you
lose objectivity. In other words you may focus too much on one goal and
fail to see other options available. Consider continually trying out
other options or methods when it comes to projects. It is best that we
do not get too hung up on one project or we could end up quite
disappointed if it does not succeed. Instead, keep on doing it! Failures
and successes are a sign of progress and it is the method to being your
best self for you and for others!


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