We All Have Pet Peeves

We all have pet peeves. It’s an unfortunate truth, but we do. Being irritated is a way of pouring salt on your own roots while turning yourself into someone bound to pour salt on someone else’s roots, and it interferes with our relationships.

In order to be more heliotropic, we need to get rid of them. Practice the art of letting it go, rather than letting whatever “it” is bother you. This is the art of knowing what’s worth fighting over and what’s not. Even if you love your pet peeves and believe they are worthy, set them free and you’ll find that you and your relationships are better off because of it.

Be The Sun…

WHAT – Being in a good relationship with another person is better than being right. When we hold on to our pet peeves and feel righteous about it, it generally makes the relationship worse.

HOW – Recognize that we are all imperfect. Ourselves, spouses, kids, coworkers, and customers; we are all imperfect. Don’t look for reasons to be irritated, because you’ll always find them.

WHY – If we can practice the art of letting it go, that’s the real science behind having great positive relationships.

…Not The Salt

WHAT – When we allow our pet peeves to cloud our minds, we are training them to keep us in a constant state of annoyance… and then we begin to feel righteous about it.

HOW – Don’t feed your pet peeves. Avoid sounding negative and don’t claim perfection.

WHY – Anger is self-destructive in nature. Every second we spend irritated about the small things equates to more and more salt being poured on our roots and other people’s roots. A daily practice of heliotropic behaviors can give us peace of mind.

Heliotropic Highlight

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