The Benefits of Being an Olympic Listener

Everything speaks if we are paying attention. Being a great leader, spouse, and friend means being an “Olympic Listener”. Be a sponge, open to everything. Be the last one to speak. This is part of what Being the Sun is about. Giving people what they need. It is also knowing that what Sun is to some people, may be Salt to others. Thus, it is important to understand the benefits of being a good listener and help you Be The Sun in all situations.

Improved Relationships and Cooperation

If you listen intently to those talking to you, they will do the same for you. They will start gravitating towards you if you are giving them the attention they desire by listening. This helps improve relationships as you now both understand each others’ wants or needs and can build

off of that. Improved cooperation will give life to every situation as you will start to build off each other, leading to greater, more positive outcomes.

Greater Trust

When you are a positive and active listener to someone speaking, you begin to gain the trust of the person talking. This leads to mutual respect and trust and the high chance for authentic listening to be reciprocated. The more the person speaking believes you are genuinely
listening and staying connected, the more they will trust you. Greater trust means less chance of negative energy and Being the Salt in situations.

Boosted Confidence

Building off the last two, once you improve relationships and gain more trust from good listening, the more confident you will become around
them and possibly their peers. The better the listener you are, the more you’ll understand and absorb what they are saying. This will lead to
more energized responses, and since you have an improved relationship and greater trust, they will reciprocate with good listening. With an
inspired confidence, an uplifted self-esteem and a better self-image can follow. The boosted confidence from being an olympic listener can help you Be the Sun to those around you.

Problem Solving

Being an olympic listener in situations where you are trying to solve a problem with multiple people involved is extremely important. Listening
actively and positively will help develop collaborative conversations in which solutions will be found faster. These collaborative conversations
that come from good listening will also help build trust between members, leading to more effective problem solving.

Briefer, Less Confusing Conversations

When you talk more than you listen, you can misinterpret the conversation completely, leading to you saying the wrong thing. This is
not what a positive energizer wants to do in any conversation. When you listen more than you talk, it leads to you saying the right things
rather than wrong. This is because you can actually interpret what the speaker is saying and from there you can make an educated response. When you listen and absorb the information, you will understand them better, which in turn, leads to briefer and more positively impacting

New Perspectives = More Knowledge

When listening to others, we get to understand the situation from their point of view. When we listen really well to what they are saying, we
can gain new perspectives and new conclusions to present problems. Listening well to others and gaining their perspective can change the
way you saw something as well. The new sense of perspective will lead to you being more open to hearing others opinions, thus becoming an even better listener and gaining more knowledge.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Knowing all the benefits of being an olympic listener is nice and all, but the biggest thing to achieving this goal is by continuously
practicing. Try and rate yourself on how well you were absorbing information in conversation on a daily basis. See if you have improved,
and if you have, continue to build and gravitate towards the positive energy that olympic listening produces. If you aren’t seeing improvement, continue to practice, be compassionate, authentic, and kind. This will only help your listening become better as you will
uplift their spirits and thus, they will speak with the same energy you are giving off. Dr. Harry Cohen says that in order to achieve peak
olympic listening, we must act like a sponge and absorb as much information as we can. All it takes is practice!