The Heliotropic Effect

Recently Dr. Harry Cohen did an interview with Joseph Jaffe with CoronaTV.

Joseph and Harry talked about The Heliotropic Effect. Dr. Harry Cohen shared with the viewers why he wrote Be the Sun, Not the Salt and gave a deeper insight to the Heliotropic Effect.

Dr. Harry D. Cohen’s latest book Be the Sun, Not the Salt, is written to serve as a guidebook for readers looking to uplift themselves and those around them.

This book is rooted in the understanding of the Heliotropic Effect, the scientific understanding that all living systems are drawn towards life-sustaining energy. Just as a plant on the windowsill tilts towards the sun, we are attracted and drawn to people who express qualities that energize us.

We call these people Positive Energizers. Positive Energizers light people up! Observing people who are heliotropic reveals a common set of behaviors.

Heliotropic people:

• Smile.
• Keep their word.
• Are kind, dependable, honest. Do the hard work.
• Listen well.
• Speak thoughtfully.
• Are compassionate, forgiving, curious, and mindful of others.

No one is perfect at all times. But intention matters. Heliotropic people strive to be better than they are. To improve. To grow. To be their best selves. Heliotropic people want the best for others, so they make a point pour sun on other peoples leaves.

Pouring sun on people’s leaves may come in the form of a genuine smile that makes someone feel good, honesty that creates a trusted friendship, or a thoughtful comment that helps someone move forward.

Dr. Harry Cohen explained to Joseph, that when he talks about the Heliotropic Effect, he is referring to the idea of doing all the good you can. As often as you can, wherever you can. There is no downside to being kind and no drawbacks to making situations better. Actually, you are likely to find that you feel more fulfilled when you think and act in the heliotropic matter.

People will be drawn to you and want to be around you.

You will be more effective in every role you play.

You will feel good immediately.

And the great news is, the more you practice it, the more automatic it becomes. Like the sun, people who act in heliotropic ways can create a dramatic impact on their environment. Anyone can do it, Yes, anyone.

Dr. Harry Cohen write each chapter of the book purposefully brief and intended them to be helpful and thought provoking. Be the Sun, Not the Salt encourages active awareness and reflection of both positive and negative everyday interactions, while giving tips and real-life observations about how we can all be Positive Energizers, by being the sun!

Listen to the whole interview with Joseph Jaffe and Dr. Harry Cohen by clicking here.