Tools to be Heliotropic

In a recent interview with Joseph Jaffe on CoronaTV, Dr. Harry Cohen talks about the tools of being Heliotropic.

What is the Heliotropic effect?

The Heliotropic Effect is the tendency for all living systems to move towards light and away from darkness…or rather, towards that which is life-giving and away from that which endangers life. It’s why a plant placed on a windowsill tilts toward the sun. The sun is a positive, heliotropic source of energy that attracts and gives life to all living things.

What is being Heliotropic?

Much like plants, we as humans gravitate towards energy that lifts us up and shy away from energy that depletes us. If you shine the light of positive practices on those around you, they’re going to follow it, because it is human tendency to follow the light. Some people are very heliotropic, and some, not so much. Those who are, inspire those around them.

Positive energizes, make people feel great. Negative energizers make people feel crappy. When you are around a positive energizer you feel uplifted. You feel good in their presence.

The positive energizer:

• Listens
• They are compassionate
• They are vulnerable
• They are forgiving
• They smile
• They are real
• They are kind
• They are grateful
• They follow through on commitments
• They are authentic

This is us at our best. Some people are like the sun on our leaves….and others are like salt water poured on our roots! One sustains our life, the other stresses us out! Hence, Be the Sun, Not the Salt.

The tools to be Heliotropic are not rocket science. They are all things we know; it just requires the doing. All you have to do is intentionally deliberately, consciously practice being heliotropic in a genuine authentic way. It takes work daily, moment to moment at being your best self.

It just takes a little bit of effort. By the way, people can feel our intentions. They can hear our tone of voice and feel our body language. Stop and be intentional about how you make people feel as you interact with them.

We know this stuff and we will still screw it up. When you screw up, what you do is quickly forgive yourself and move on, and then you just do the next right thing. The more you do it the easier it gets. The tools of being Heliotropic are really just practice, practice, practice. The idea is the more you practice and intend consciously to be more compassionate, grateful and forgiving, the more it is more natural for you make this a habit.

This helping other people thing, is what life is all about. Being around Heliotropic people is contagious, it uplifts others. There is no catch to being heliotropic. There is no catch to being more kind, to being more grateful, to being more forgiving. All you have to do is DO IT! It’s the doing that matters.

This is something we already know; it just requires doing it intentionally.

Work to leave people with an afterglow, not an aftertaste.

Click here to listen to the whole show with Dr. Harry Cohen and Joseph Jaffe.