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Visit: Harry D. Cohen explores what he refers to as “Heliotropic Leadership”. An intentional practice that emphasis the benefits of compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.

“Be The Sun Not The Salt”

Cohen is an independent management consultant, personal leadership coach, author and psychologist. A compelling keynote speaker and advisor on the importance of trust, personal authenticity, leadership, and high performance; subjects he speaks to audiences about around the world. He is the author of ‘Secrets of the Obvious’, a book that challenges our age-old assumption that personal improvement is an overly complex process that is difficult and challenging. His concentration is on interpersonal behaviors and the effect they have on either building or breaking down walls of communication between individuals or within large groups.

Harry’s simple message is that there are universal and undeniable principles that when understood and followed can guide our behaviors in ways that yield great results. For example, authenticity and honesty breed trust. This principle unfortunately often gets lost under the burdens of leadership. But it is fundamental for all leaders to find this thread within themselves and to seize it. Doing so is to find the very best about ourselves.

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