We Learn More When We Pay Attention

We Learn More When We Pay Attention

Being a great leader, spouse, and friend means being an “Olympic Listener”. Be a sponge, open to everything. Be the last one to speak. This is part of what Being the Sun is about. Giving people what they need. It is also knowing that what Sun is to some people, may be Salt to others.

Be The Sun…

WHAT – Listening. It’s a simple, disarmingly effective tool that signals respect. It’s also a skill to model — and a norm to set — as you build a community where all perspectives are welcome.


• Look people in the eye
• Put away your cellphone
• Speak less than you think you should
• Ask short questions
• Try to learn something
• Be curious
• Be respectful
• Smile
• Don’t interrupt
• Don’t talk about yourself
• Don’t look elsewhere while listening
• Don’t prepare your remarks while listening
• Don’t lose your temper

WHY – You will be better for it. Your life will be better for it. The lives of the people around you will be better for it. No matter what challenges lie ahead of you, be heliotropic anyway.

…Not The Salt

WHAT – It’s tempting to get so caught up in our own voice, in what we have to say, we drown out everyone else. The truth is that your voice is only as strong as your ability to listen.

HOW – We have assumed that listening ability depends largely on intelligence, that “bright” people listen well, and “dull” ones poorly. There is no denying that low intelligence has something to do with inability to listen, but we have greatly exaggerated its importance. Even if you’re smart, you might not be a good listener. Likewise, a poor listener is not necessarily an unintelligent person. To be good listeners we must apply certain skills that are acquired through either experience or training.

WHY – People with good listening skills are more productive, make better partners and colleagues, are better problem solvers, and have healthier interpersonal relationships.

Heliotropic Highlight




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