What is Self-Compassion?

Every day we have thousands of internal thoughts, emotions, stories and experiences. Emotional agility builds our capacity to engage our inner world in a way that is courageous, curious and compassionate. Self compassion is about recognizing what it means to be human. While some people come by self-compassion naturally, others have to learn it. Luckily, it is a learnable skill.

Be The Sun…

WHAT – Self-compassion has three main principles:

• Mindfulness
• Common humanity
• Self-kindness

HOW – Self-compassion takes practice. The goal is not to be perfect at compassion but to be a compassionate mess!

• Embrace unconditional self-acceptance
• Reframe extreme self-criticism
• Meditate
• Be compassionate to others

WHY – People who have greater levels of self-compassion tend to be more motivated and more successful over time. But just as important, they like themselves even when they fall short.

…Not The Salt

WHAT – To be human is to be imperfect and to make mistakes.

HOW – The concept of being your own best friend can also be thought of as protecting your own roots, from yourself. Continually challenge your negative self talk, show yourself some compassion.

WHY – Putting ourself down is a bad habit, nothing more! Self-compassion is a necessary part of our journey; it’s about recognizing that you are doing the best you can — with who you are, with what you’ve got, and with the resources that you’ve been given.

Heliotropic Highlight

Brené Brown hosts a weekly podcast called “Unlocking Us” where she chats one-on-one with prominent folks in the media. In one of her recent episodes she sits down with Director, Judd Apatow as they unravel the importance of being honest with your self and speaking your truth. Battling the fear of peerjudgment is difficult, but combatting your own inner dialogue can be even more challenging. On the road to being your own best friend, and as you practice showing self-compassion, remember to always challenge your negative self-talk.


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