Who Deserves Your Kindness?

Who Deserves Your Kindness? This is the year to explore the good. I challenge you to release your pet peeves and be free to be kind! We all have pet peeves. It’s an unfortunate truth, but we do. If you want to be more heliotropic and kind, get rid of your pet peeves. Release them into the wild never to return.

The problem with keeping your pet peeves around is that we feed them and groom them, in essence nursing our irritation. Remember, the more we practice something, the more automatic it becomes.

Even if you love your pet peeves, set them and yourself free!

We basically train our pet peeves to keep us in a state of annoyance and then begin to feel righteous about it.

Being irritated is a way of pouring salt on your own roots while turning yourself into someone bound to pour salt on someone else’s roots. After all, an irritated person is no fun to be around.

In order to be heliotropic and kind, we have to practice feeding the part of ourselves that does not let ourselves be made miserable by life’s little hassles. Feeding your pet peeves does the opposite. Even if you love your pet peeves, set them and yourself free.

When we are caught up in our pet peeves, we find it hard to be kind. In today’s blog I would like to talk about being kind to the people that we might otherwise not be kind to. This is for all the people that we would say they deserve to be taught a lesson; they deserve a little teaching. We feel like we need to show them a little salt, so they can learn something. And here is the big insight for me: these are the people that we need to be even more kind to. This will teach the lesson more effectively, but what it is also about is that the people that we think don’t deserve our kindness probably do even more. I hope this is a helpful nudge for all of us to lean into being more kind with the people whom we think don’t quite deserve our kindness. The people that evoke our irritation or anger. We can cut them some slack and be more kind to everyone. Especially to the people who evoke our irritation. They do deserve our kindness and I hope this reminder nudges us to be more kind to all.