World Kindness Day - Making Kindness the Norm

As one of the core traits of being heliotropic, kindness can also be found at the root of Being the Sun. Science has proven that spreading kindness can be good for your health as well as the health of those around you. Help us support Random Acts of Kindness today (and all days) by making kindness the NORM. We hope this week’s newsletter gives you some inspiration on how you can beef up your DO IT ANYWAY muscles and Make Kindness the Norm!

We invite you to read our latest blog about World Kindness Day and pick up a copy of Be the Sun, Not the Salt  today!

Be The Sun…

WHAT– What if we all added a moment of kindness to our invisible routine? We all have things we do every day with intention, yet we don’t even think about them. Choose to make intentional efforts to make Kindness the Norm.

HOW – Start working on developing routines that will include intentional moments of Kindness in your day. Think about someone you see each day. How do you greet them? No one is perfect at all times. But intention matters. Heliotropic people strive to be better than they are. To improve. To Grow. To be their best selves.

WHY – Kindness eases anxiety. Kindness is good for your heart and it can help you live longer by reducing stress. Kindness prevents illness. Like we’ve said before, this kindness thing, it’s what life’s all about.

…Not The Salt

WHAT– Hold the Salt! For some people, Being the Sun is a bridge too far. Some days, it is a bridge too far for any of us – we have all seen those moments… so, just don’t Be the Salt.

HOW – Bite your tongue! You don’t need to say everything you think. Refraining from “raining on people’s parades” is so obvious that it may seem ridiculous to bring it up. But, sometimes reminders are good.

WHY – Being the Salt can create:


Heliotropic Highlight

One of our earliest followers sent us this photo. Kevin likes to spread kindness by recognizing heliotropic goodness inside the cover of our book that can be shared with others.

We love hearing from our readers and positive energizers. Please share a story or photo of your experience while Being the Sun!


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